Special Message for West Virginian Airmen, Family Members and Overseas Voters

You may cast your ballot for the 2018 General Election in West Virginia by

using mobile voting technology. Eligible participants are active duty Airmen

in the Uniformed Services, Merchant Marine, and activated National Guard

members on state orders, as well as their families currently living outside

their county of residence.

The mobile voting option is available for Airmen and their families

registered to vote in any of the following WV counties:

























To participate, request your absentee ballot by submitting the Federal Post

Card Application (FPCA) to your county clerk, which can be obtained from

your Voting Assistance Office or the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s

website at https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/fpca.pdf. On the FPCA,

check “email or online” as your voting preference.

Once your FPCA is received by the county clerk, you will receive an email

with instructions for downloading the secure app to your mobile device. Once

the app is downloaded, you will be prompted to verify your identity using

biometrics and a government issued ID. Please note that the Common Access

Card is not permitted to be photographed, so you must use another form of ID

(e.g. driver’s license, passport or other government issued ID).

Please consider taking advantage of this technology, which is designed to

eliminate the vast barriers Airmen face when trying to vote. Your

participation will help WV continue to improve your voting ability and

experience while serving our country.



Election Day is November 6th!

A reminder to all that Election Day is Tuesday, November 6th.  Please ensure you have returned any absentee ballots regardless of when you receive it up until Election Day.  Many states have extended ballot return deadlines for members of the military.  You can also check out the “Voting my Ballot” section to see if electronic transmission options are available.

To find out more information, please go to:  http://www.fvap.gov/vao/vag

Many voters are interested in knowing that their election official received their ballot status.  They can check the status of their voted ballot by clicking “Voters Start Here, select your state on fvap.gov

The Installation Voting Office also has Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) forms available.  Please call 605-385-4663, or stop by the Airman & Family Readiness Center for more information.


General Election 6 November 2018

The general election is quickly approaching on 6 November, 2018.

If you requested an absentee ballot, you should receive your ballot by early October.  Vote and send it back by 13 October 2018 if you’re outside the United States, or by 26 October 2018 if you are in the United States.  It is recommended that military members without access to a Military Postal Service send it by 02 October 2018.

If you requested your ballot, but haven’t received it, you should contact your state election office to ask about the status of your ballot request.  You may find contact information for a local or state election office at:  https://www.fvap.gov/info/contact

If there isn’t enough time to receive and send back your ballot before the election, use the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) at FVAP.gov or contact the Installation Voter Assistance (IVA) Office at the Airman & Family Readiness Center for Assistance.

After you send your ballot, you can even check if it was received by your election office.  Check the status of your ballot at FVAP.gov.



Upcoming Election Dates for July 30th – August 11th

August 2nd:  Tennessee State Primary

August 4th:  Virgin Islands Territory Primary

August 7th:  Missouri State Primary, Michigan CD 13 Special Primary, Kansas State Primary, Ohio CD 12 Special Primary, Washington State Primary

August 11th:  Hawaii State Primary

For more information, visit the FVAP website.